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Summer  Show 2019 Cup and Certificate Winners


Nick Hockey  Whitehead Challenge Bowl (most points in the flower classes), Gardner Cup (winner of class for 2 vases, two distinct types of flowers), British Fuchsia Society Blue Rosette (Best Fuchsia Exhibit),Banksian Medal (most amount of prize monies in horticultural classes over all 3 shows),National Dahlia Society Bronze Medal (Best Exhibit in Dahlia classes for those with less than 30 plants)OIliver Cup for Best Rose

Glynne Collins Knight Cup (Best Exhibit in Fruit classes),  

David Stubbings    Certificates of Merit (Best Gladiolus Spike, Best Gladiolus Exhibit), Bruce Cup (most points in Gladiolus classes), 

Cookery Challenge Cup for Most Points in Cookery

John Luxford British Fuchsia Society Bronze Medal (most points in Fuchsia classes)

 Mick and Wendy Minton      Colley Challenge Cup (Best allotment), Certificate for best 10 rod allotment.

Gary Frostick                Certificate for best 5 rod allotment.

Marie Keet                 Parry Silver Challenge Bowl (most points in Floral Art classes)

Wendy Minton       Leggett Challenge Bowl (Best Overall Exhibit in flowers, vegetable and fruit classes)  H F Ellis Cup (Winner of Master Gardner class), Potato Challenge Cup (winner of potato collection class), Ashridge Challenge Cup (winner of vegetable collection class),A Kilhams Memorial Cup (Best Vegetable Exhibit),

 Onion Challenge Cup (Best Onion Exhibit),Winner of Top Tray class,

Alan Humphrey         Patrick Southerton Cup (Best Vase of 3 small Dahlia classes)Williamson Cup (most points in Dahlia classes), National Dahlia Society Silver Medal (Best Exhibit Dahlias), National Dahlia Society Bronze Medal (second Best Exhibit, Dahlias)Certificate (most meritorious exhibit in flower classes), 

Isabelle Layt         Certificate for Junior Masterchef Award, Molly Hartley Cup (most points in Junior classes over all three shows)

Carmel Pardi       Hands Memorial Cup (most points in the Rose classes),



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